Heart Chakra Meditations

The color green is associated with the Heart Chakra, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite videos devoted to opening your heart center. I can really get swept up in surfing YouTube videos on occasion and started my own channel several years ago, so I could keep track of and share all my favorites. While researching this particular topic, I decided to make a Heart Chakra “playlist”, so that any time I’m feeling the desire to expand my heart, I know right where to go to tap into that energy. I plan to do this exercise for each of the chakras and integrate it into my meditation practice. If this idea inspires you, feel free to steal it! It’s a great way to explore all the interesting spiritual video work artists are creating out there and discover which ones really resonate with you. I found myself getting instant goosebumps from certain ones and taking that as a good sign! I literally experienced a sensation in my chest while listening to some these and I ended up feeling really uplifted afterwards.

Also, be sure to visit Denise Linn’s Mystic Chakra Portals, as they are truly a favorite of mine. The paintings are stunningly vibrant and the soundtrack accompaniment is wonderful to meditate with or simply have playing in the background.

Play this OM mantra to open your Heart Chakra. There are no visuals, so just close your eyes and listen:

Play this OSHO sounds for the Heart Chakra to meditate. This sound healing video also has no visuals, so listen to the singing crystal bowls and feel the chanting create a powerful vibration within you:

Play this Anahata Chakra video and relax with gently open eyes. Breathe as you watch the kaleidoscope of stunning chakra mandalas:

Enjoy the journey of this Diamond Crystal Chakra Activation. It’s psychedelic and hypnotic trip with soothing female vocals. Sit comfortably, breathe, and relax during the first half; then rise up, dance, and move your body when the music shifts!

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